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Elizabeth N. Orr, Ph.D.,

IRTG-StRATEGy Postdoctoral Researcher

GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences

Institute for Geosciences, University of Potsdam

Research Interests

My research interests broadly lie in the topographic evolution of the Earth’s surface through the interaction between tectonics, climate and surface processes. More specifically, I look to understand the role of the cryosphere and climatic change within the landscape development and structural evolution of high altitude mountain belts and polar environments using geomorphic, sedimentological, geochronometric and numerical modelling techniques.


My work has been primarily focused on answering questions about the nature and timing of erosion-deposition cycles and sedimentary systems at the scale of the individual catchment. To this end I devote a significant portion of my research to understanding how processes of erosion vary and integrate over centennial to million year timescales. These research themes are critical now not only because they improve our understanding of the evolution of landscapes, but also because they provide insights into the geomorphic impacts of climate change that are occurring now and in the future.

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